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SETEC soil scientists have mapped over a million acres of public and private lands across the USA, providing valuable soils information for the sound and profitable management of land holdings, both large and small.    We've mapped parcels ranging from 1/2 acre lots in our local area to the 90,000 acre Arnold AFB in central Tennessee.  We've mapped timberlands comprising hundreds of thousands of acres across the southeast and we've participated in many county soil surveys.   We know the right level of mapping for your project, too. 

Predevelopment soils mapping can enhance the profitability of any land based endeavor whether it's an apple orchard or a residential subdivision.  Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the soil and landscape resource before jumping into a land plan can save time and money in later stages of development.   Many dollars have been wasted on plans developed only to find that the soils could not profitably support the proposed use.  

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